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Add Dimension, Color and Movement with Acrylic Panels!

MBP Acrylic Panels are textured and frosted to effectively diffuse light. They can be easily backlit with conventional fixtures or moving lights.

Acrylic Panels are available in a variety of sizes:
4’ x 3’ | 3’ x 3’ | 2’ x 3’ | 1.5’ x 3’ | 1’x 3’ | 2’ x 4’

Enhance your next show with MBP Acrylic Panels

Now you can integrate walls and pillars of light into any set at an affordable rental price.

Acrylic Stage Setting
acrylic benefits
acrylic setting
acrylic stage background
custom acrylic

MBP's Solution

To provide creative, cost effective  "Modular Scenery" for a truly "Professional Look".

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