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MBP's Solution

MBP offers exceptional design solutions to fit any size corporate theater or trade show event. We offer flexible scenic options and deliver seamless, integrated designs that incorporate innovative lighting, assemble quickly and ship compactly.

Shipping Modular Scenery
Modular Scene Stage
Frame Assembly
Completed Frame Assembly
Panel Assembly
Modular Scenery Assembly
Modular Scenery Stage Ligthing
Modular Scenery Lighting


Our modular scenery ships in compact, cost effective containers.

Frame Assembly

The frames assemble quickly using bolt and wing nut hardware.

Panel Assembly

We cover our flat and curved panels in a Velcro compatible fabric that adheres to the frames and creates a custom tailored and finished look.

Just Add Lighting

The panels have been designed as a canvas for creative lighting . They paint beautifully with light for maximum effect.


  • We've selected this modular system as our recommended exhibit back wall for all clients. The ability to offer a choice of colors, configure any height or width, easily attach graphics and customize walls for projection screens makes it so flexible it sells itself.
    Scott Monson
    M2 On Stage
  • As a lighting designer I appreciate scenery that paints well with light. I have been illuminating MBP's modular scenery for four years and continue to be impressed with it's superiority to pipe-n-drape. From my point of view this is great stuff to work with.
    Patrick Chan
    Theatrical Lighting Connection

MBP's Solution

To provide creative, cost effective  "Modular Scenery" for a truly "Professional Look".

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